Hello there! 🙂

I started this blog in the August of 2015 and trailed off in between due to multiple reasons. So allow me to reintroduce myself in the form of a listicle:

  1. I identify with almost all the traits listed under ‘Aquarius’ on zodiac sites and don’t have another word to describe myself better.
  2. Nothing can make or break my mood like food can. I say food. I mean fried chicken or chocolate. There’s really no in-between.
  3. Since I’m a Malayali, it’s a given I grew up in the Gulf, an unofficial extension of Kerala. My life started off in Sharjah. I spent the 2010-19 decade in India in around 5 cities, and uprooted my comfortable life entirely to move to Toronto in the beginning of 2020. Why? You know, that’s a very good question. I’m looking for the answer myself, as it happens. Much of it has to do with my husband’s dreams and being a supportive wife and so on and so forth, but the jury’s still out.
  4. I used to work in Sales after completing my MBA. When the opportunity came my way – well, to be fair I hunted it down – I took up a writing job and finally found ‘content’ment (is it evident that I like puns?). The job presented me with a lot of learnings, such as the fact that ‘everyday’ is not the same as ‘every day’, and overuse of the Oxford comma does not a writer make. Among other things, of course.
  5. I strongly believe you should do the things that make you happy and shouldn’t care about what others think. Please don’t forget to click Like and Subscribe to validate my delicate feelings and fragile heart.
  6. When I went from saleswoman to content writer, I learned a few tricks of the trade. Hoping to refurbish the Aquarian Thought Process – both the blog and the contents of my brain – with learnings old and new 🙂
  7. Also, I learned how to install the Instagram widget all by myself and plugged it down below for you to follow, just in case there wasn’t enough to read out here. You know, on the same blog where the About page managed to become an article. Or click right here to follow me on Insta 🙂

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